Energycount | Dorset Sustainability & Energy Consultants | SAP Calculations | Part L Reports
Energycount | Dorset Sustainability & Energy Consultants | SAP Calculations | Part L Reports
Energycount | Dorset Sustainability & Energy Consultants | SAP Calculations | Part L Reports
Energy & Sustainability Reports to help you
comply with Building Regulations and Planning requirements.

SAP Calculations

for newbuild dwellings (Part L1A)

SAP Calculations for new builds show compliance with Part L1A of the Building Regulations. SAP Calcs are required by Building Control at the design stage of a new dwelling to show how the building will comply with Part L1A of the Building Regulations.

Once built, Building Control will ask for a new set of SAP calcs to show that what is built complies with Part L. The as-built SAP calculations are based on the as-designed SAP calculations but include any revisions to the spec that were made throughout the building process, plus extra information required for EPC lodgement (full postal address, make & model of heating system, air test certificate). We then produce the as-built SAP calculations & EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) based on the as-built spec.

SAP calculations are produced by interpreting & inputting dwelling data (areas, volumes, u-values, heating/cooling systems, ventilation, renewables, etc) into software to show how the dwelling compares to a ‘notional’ building. The dwelling ‘passes’ when the CO2 emissions (DER) and Building Fabric (DFEE) are better (or no worse) than the notional building targets calculated by the software (Target Emissions Rate & Target Fabric Energy Efficiency).


How does it work?

We undertake SAP calculations from a set of drawings (plans, sections &elevations) plus a detailed specification for construction and services. The assessment is a desktop study, so there is no need to visit site or carry out any surveys. We accept drawings in electronic (PDF, or DWG CAD files) or hard copy paper formats.

We then calculate the main elements of the dwelling for input into our software based on the drawings & spec until we have a 'base' calc to work on, which will either 'pass' or 'fail'.

If the base calc fails we then set to work making the calcs pass by inputting extra information and clarification of the finer detail of the calculation. This then leads us to several scenarios which we then liaise with our clients to achieve the best possible outcome. Depending on the nature of any failure we can make recommendations to bring the calcs to a 'pass'. Our recommendations will be based on our experience, industry knowledge and any specific requirements of our clients. We work with you throughout the process, and are always on call to provide as much guidance and advice as you need to achieve compliance.




See here for SAP Calculations for extensions and conversions (These are covered by Building Regulations Part L1B)



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